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Hi there, welcome to my blog. Sugar gliders as pets are great and fun.  When I start researching sugar gliders for my kids, I notice there are not so many sugar gilder fact and cage information. Here I want to help people to learn more about sugar gliders.

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Sugar Glider Cage

here are hundreds of sugar glider cages being offered for sale in the market nowadays and it is not easy to determine which among the many brands out there can give you the satisfaction that you need. It is also important for getting the good for your sugar glider because it will be the place your sugar glider will likely spend the rest of its life.

For this reason, we built that can give you the best and unbiased reviews about the best sugar glider cages that you can find online so you can readily decide what kind of cage is best for a sugar glider and your family.

Photo NameWideDeep HighInside HighSpecial Feature
Prevue Hendryx F04031"20.5"53"42"Best Seller on Amazon with most happy customersRead Review
New Large Wrought Iron 4 Levels32"19"60"35"Best Economic Sugar Glider Cage Read Review
Prevue Hendryx F05023"37"60"48"Extra large for singl stand cage Read Review 
Midwest Critter Nation36"24"63"48" * 1 year warranty & very popular designRead Review
King's Cages SLF 642165"21.25"61.5"34.5"Best roomy cage with very secure latch Read Review

Tips on Choosing the Best Sugar Glider Cage for You


The first thing you need to consider is where you are actually going to be placing it. Ideally you should place the cage in a warm, brightarea of the house close to where everyone can easy access to it.

However, there are few things you should try to avoid.  Your sugar glider cage should be from drafts. The AC or heat should not blow directly on the cage so you can keep your sugar glider health. You also have to remember your sugar glider is nocturnal so don’t place its cage under direct sunlight.  They do best a temperature slightly higher than room temperature, in the rage of 70-90 F. If you have other pets, like cats or dogs, try to not put sugar glider cage next to them.  For other pets, they may think this little pocket pet like their toys so your sugar gliders may live under worries.  If  other pets like rats or other small critters, it won’t be an good idea to put all of them under the same cage. I know the sugar glider cage seems big but it won’t be good for your sugar gliders. The life style of sugar glider is mixed living with other small animals.

The best area will be the location that everyone in family wants to be. Remember your sugar glider loves hanging out with you and that is the way makes you all happy.

Size of  Sugar Glider Cage

Once you have chosen the location for the sugar glider cage the next decision you need to make is what size it is going to be. It is always better for getting bigger cage because the bigger cage offers bigger room for them to play around.
Remember the size of sugar glider cage you choose should be one that will meet their requirements not only at the time when it is installed but as they grow up or add new members. Although prefabricated ones are cheaper, the good quality models are far more likely to meet these requirements and save you money in the long run as you are unlikely to need to replace it in the future. Sugar Gliders are active, and need lots of room in their cage. A sugar glider cage containing two Sugar gliders should be a minimum of 2 feet (24 inch) x 2 feet (24 inchx 3 feet36inch tall. Height is more important.

Sugar Glider Cage Materials

Currently a lot of cages are manufactured oversea, and the coatings used on the bars vary. Sometimes it can wear off very quickly.  Since sugar gliders continually rub up against these bars, and then groom themselves constantly – they can contract zinc poisoning from the cheap metal used to construct these cages – and die.  In doing so, selecting a cage is the coating on bars is very important.

There are few common coating of finish, power coating, and stainless steel, electrolytic polishing and PVC coated. PVC coated is not recommended for sugar gliders. For sugar glider, the most idea cage should be stainless steel cage but we hardly can’t find one with the right bar spacing. In today’s market, powder coating will be the most popular option for sugar gliders.

I did get a bit confused with all the types earlier, and I spent a long time finding out the difference among them. Well, I’ve compiled the information here for you: Types of  coating. Or you can click the links above to see the best type of sugar glider cages for you, where you can also find my recommended reviews for each type. OR, if you just want to get what everyone else does, check out my post on the Top 5 Best Sugar Glider Cages.

Design of Sugar Glider Cages

  1. Bar Spacing:Buying a cage with the bar spacing too large could prove hazardous to your sugar glider. Baby sugar gliders have been known to escape through 1 inch gaps in wire without any difficulty. For this reason, bars spaces with openings of a half inch are preferred.
  2. Bar Orientation:The direction or orientation of the cage bars is something to consider. Your pocket pet loves to climb. It will make sense that horizontal cage bars are the most desirable for the cage walls. If you use a cage which is not wire mesh, make sure it has horizontal bars (provide foot holds for climbing) with spaces no more than 1/2 inch.
  3. The latch: You should avoid the cage without the latch because sugar gliders have human-like hands and will sometimes learn how to open the latches and let themselves out. Some cages have built-in resistance which makes it virtually impossible to open for even the smartest sugar

Sugar Glider Accessories Essentials

1. Nest Pouch: Nest pouch is the place that your sugar gliders to sleep. It will be a good idea if you can put multiple sugar glider nest pouches so when you are going to wash them, you can still keep one inside. A well nest pouch should be washable and no loose threads. For choosing the nest pouch, you have to be aware of the quality because the sugar gliders have been known to get caught up in the loose thread. Some pouches will be damaged only after one or two washing.

2. Furnishings and Toys: You know how much your sugar gliders love to play. They are very interactive so you place enough toys in their cage that they will be encouraged to interest, movement and curiosity. The popular toys are Exercise Wheel, chain, hide out and etc.

I have some articles specific talking about sugar glider accessories. If you like to learn more about it, you can chick here to find out the details.

 Sugar Glider Cage Reviews – My Top Picks

There is no such thing as the single best sugar glider cages for everyone, but all of us want a sugar glider cage that has a few similar qualities, and they are:

  • Make your lovely pet sugar glider happy with the least effort
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Safe to use for this little pocket pet and also ourselves
  • Durable

Check out my top picks.

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Sugar Glider Cage Brands

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Sugar Glider Facts

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